London fine dining: 51 Buckingham Gate

It’s not always easy to find beautiful and peaceful al fresco dining in London, away from the din of traffic, but the Courtyard at 51 Buckingham Gate

– just around the corner from Buckingham Palace – is a perfect secret hideaway.

Not only is this magnificent and historic garden transformed for elegant dining under the stars, but if you book into one of their Twilight Dining and Music Evenings, you will be treated to a magical evening of musical performances as you dine.

Courtyard-at-51-Buckingham-gate 2

This Victorian garden is adorned with leafy flowerbeds, fountains, sculptures candles and flares, all setting the stage for this outdoor musical theatre. You can choose from three very different musical nights, Viva Live Music who perform opera favourites with a full string quartet; Cantabile -an entertaining quartet of men who sing and dance West End Classics; and Soprano Bella who get everyone waving their arms to the contemporary West End hits, and will surprise you with their original performance.

Courtyard-at-51,-Buckingham Gate

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Which ever you choose, you will find yourself lost in sumptuous Moroccan surroundings lit by candlelight with soaring music over shishas, cognac and cigars. The grandeur of the courtyard is a perfect setting for the music, and all the elements combine to produce a wonderful intimate evening.

Tickets start at £75 for a cocktail, three course dinner and music, or £10 for ‘standing only’ tickets where you can watch from the exclusive terrace bar.

51 Buckingham Gate

29th & 30th – Opera in the Courtyard performed by Viva Live Music

5th & 6th – Classics of the West End performed by Cantabile, The London Quartet.
12th & 13th – West End Contemporary performed by Soprano Bella

For further information please contact Joanna Pupe;; 020 7963 8373