Sculpting ice and commissioning ice sculptures

After weather forecasters have issued an “amber warning” for snowfall across England, the general public begin to think less about the colour orange and start to focus more on the blues, whites and silvers of a picturesque winter landscape. The hope of throwing a white blanket of snow over our green, English pastures helps us to embrace our artistic nature and think of how we, too can contribute to the general splendour of our beautiful countryside.

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s passion to amalgamate the forces of nature with the aesthetic formation of art, others have copied his concept of taking natural elements such as snow and ice in order to transform them into a fashioned piece of work.  

At The Canary Wharf Ice-Sculpting Festival, the chill sent down your spine might not just be due to the ice-tingling temperatures but could also be the product of delight at the magnificent creations. With an international gathering, sculptors display their best efforts in order to compete for the £500 prize and Trophy of the Year.

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This January’s Sculpting Festival has been expanded to three different areas and will be held in Montgomery Square, Canada Square Park and Jubilee Place Shopping MallWorkshops have been set-up so that all the family can learn how to ice sculpt a husky free of charge.

The only question now is, what if you can’t wait until January? Ice can be chiselled into bar stations, centrepieces, glasses or even small monuments. One twenty-one year old client even had an 8ft Greek temple commissioned for a party. So whether you’re organising an exclusive evening of cocktails, a dinner for friends or a Christmas ball, add a touch of crystallised glamour to your night and make your event stand out from any other.

Here are some of the sculptors that we think you might like:

1. 0800 169 3991
2. 020 7498 0800
3. 020 3582 2632
4. 0800 612 75 72
5. 07921 210991
6. 07894 056398
7. 01234 567890