The BBC launches Proms archive online

The BBC has launched an Proms online archive, listing all performances, composers, works, soloists, conductors and ensembles from the past 115 years.

The Proms has been running since 1895, during which time there have been 7,168 concerts.


It’s taken two years to compile the archive, with the team encountering challenges such as works and artists being changed or added at the last minute and not being officially recorded and titles of works or names of ensembles changing over the years.

Roger Wright, Radio 3 controller and director of the Proms, said: ‘To have the entire database of concerts available reveals much about the Proms itself, but also the history of classical UK over the past 115 years.


‘It’s fascinating to see developments in musical trends and the careers and popularity of particular artists, composers and music.

‘We’re delighted to make this amazing resource available to the public and hope it will be invaluable to music-lovers, musicians, academics and fun for anyone who is interested in classical music.’

The BBC Proms 2010 opens at the Royal Albert Hall on July 16.

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