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Build a modern Scottish Palazzo

This is an outstanding opportunity to build a one-of-a-kind modern country house on a private promontory on the east coast of Scotland, on a uniquely historic site with links to the Second World War.

The buyer of this site will have the opportunity to build an extraordinary house on the east coast of Scotland with dramatic, far-reaching views. 

This is a spectacular setting, steeped in history, flora and fauna, on the east caost of Scotland. The buildings still standing today are significant survivors of the Admiralty signals base founded here in 1943. It was here that scientists forensically explored captured German radar equipment, influencing the outcome of World War Two, and the plans for this exceptional new house were conceived with this heritage very much in mind.  house by the sea in scotland views

Italian architects Lazzarini Pickering, have produced is an architectural vision for this site which retains the existing footprint and structures and incorporates their history into the design. This vision uses giant sheets of glass to immerse you into the elements of sea, land and sky, providing a theatrical backdrop to the spaces inside.Views of bass rock

The landscaping and building are completely integrated so the house comes out of the land and setting around it – the landscape has been planned as part of the house and vice versa.

This is a project on a large scale, with grand spaces, expansive staircases, magnificent reception rooms, huge skylights, and internal courtyards offering wrap-around transparency.Build a house in Scotland designs

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In spite of its awe-inspiring modernity, the designers say this property is very much in the tradition of the big, hospitable English country house, with an impressive, high-ceilinged entrance to the courtyard,  followed by rooms for both family life and entertaining .

The design also allows for a space which is incredibly flexible, and can easily incorporate multi-generational living spaces, inspiring working environments, and entertaining on a lavish scale.  Would you like a gallery space, or one for classic cars? The owner of this property would be able to let their imagination take over to incorporate whatever they loved most.

Situated less than an hour from Edinburgh, this is a stunning location, peppered with wildlife in a sunny seaside spot which offers dramatic vistas which change by the house. The new owner would be taking something historic and giving it a new lease of life in a wonderful part of the world within easy reach of a capital city and easy access to airports and train links.

The price is £3.5m. Goldsmith & Co (0131 268 8945;