Country houses for sale

Country market holding firm

According to a study from property search agents The Buying Solution (, the country market is solid with clients buying ‘off-market’ at up to 15% above asking prices in order to get hold of the property they desire.

‘What we are seeing on the ground as house finders is different from what some of the current figures from commentators is revealing,’ says Philip Selway, managing partner of The Buying Solution.’

He says they have taken on more clients this year compared to last and they are more committed.

‘The buyers we are dealing with are generally young couples in their mid-30s with two or three children who don’t want to put their children into London schools,’ Mr Selway explains. ‘They select good country schools or areas and want us to find them homes nearby.’

Rather than wait for the market to improve, Mr Selway says his clients ‘want to get on with their lives’ and as they have a 10-year plan at least, they are not worried if they lose a bit on the property over the next year or two.

There are some interesting deals to be had for buyers, he adds, and the only issue is if you have to sell in the near future while conditions are perhaps not at their best in the property world.

‘Our buyers are looking for locations close to excellent schools, a reasonable distance from London. This means places along the M40, M4, M3 and A303 typically no more than about two-hours away. Often, the husband keeps a flat as a pied-a-terre in town that he can use when he needs to.’