Country houses for sale

Luxury for rent

Pedigree pooches, designer handbags, art and domestic staff are just

some of the luxuries people are giving up as a result of the credit

crunch.  Country Life reveals in this week’s issue (out tomorrow, October 22) how to continue to look the part by living the hire life.

The growth of online retail has led to a treasure trove of luxury goods for hire.  In a lighthearted look at how you can now rent a lifestyle, we reveal that the latest Balenciaga hand bag is available from just £7.50 a month, a butler can serve dinner from just £200 a night and from either £7.50 a day or £50 a year, buyers can look a million pounds hiring gold, silver and diamond jewellery at A pedigree dog can be hired for £99 a month at and modern art is available at from just £15 per month.

Mark Hedges, editor of Country Life, said: ‘You can rent a slice of almost anything these days, from a classic car to a black lab.  With tongue firmly in cheek, we have discovered that you can still enjoy luxury goods, even if only for a day.  In these gloomy times, spending a day driving a glorious car could provide a great boost without breaking the bank.’

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