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Overseas buyers turn to UK property market

Upmarket agents and property finders are reporting a recent surge in enquiries from Middle Eastern buyers who want to take advantage of the weak pound, particularly in the Home Counties.

Andrew Giller from buying consultancy The Buying Solution (, said: ‘The weak pound and fall in UK property prices is attracting an array of overseas buyers from far and wide, including New Zealand, Africa and Europe, but in particular, Middle Eastern buyers are returning.’

There is a fear that the Dubai property market may have reached its peak, and with oil prices falling, those who may have invested in oil and gas are also considering investing in UK real estate. 

‘The type of property clients are looking for depends on their motives; some are interested in land for long term investment, whilst others are using it as an opportunity to relocate here so that their children can be educated at the fantastic international schools in the Home Counties,’ added Mr Giller.

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