Dream Acres week one: Water

Arabella Lennox-Boyd and Jonathan Self advise on the pool, pond, fountain, stream and other watery delights of Country Life’s fictional estate, Dream Acres

The hidden south of France

Off the well-trodden track of the Cote d'Azur and Provence, France still has plenty to offer in terms of lovely locations for second homes, finds Charlotte Cubitt

Restoring a Georgian townhouse

In the first of a new series, William Palin describes the principles behind the restoration of his 1717 Georgian town house

Improving wood and wood graining

Improving woods like pine to make them seem like other, rarer hard woods, the Georgians used wood graining as a technique and now a modern master is at work everywhere…

How to perfect a Georgian exterior

William Palin wonders whether the renovation of his Georgian townhouse will be copied by others looking for perfect examples of restoration in the late 20th century

Restoring a Georgian kitchen

William Palin finds that restoring his Georgian kitchen is not as easy as one might expect, and in fact the one he ends up designing leaves much to be desired