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Beautiful Nice house for sale

A rare and beautifully proportioned apartment has come up for sale in a well-preserved Belle Epoque house in Nice on the Cote d’Azur.

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The two-bedroom apartment, which is on the market at £1.062 million through French property specialist VEF (, has the original coving, a stained glass dome above the lift and frescoes on the ceilings.

The Belle Epoque – French for ‘beautiful era’ – began during the late 19th century until the outbreak of the First World War.

The era was considered a ‘golden age’ when peace reigned between European powers, technology improved lives and the arts took on modern forms. Impressionism was accepted, followed by Expressionism and Art Nouveau, also known as Belle Epoque-style.

The property is a fine example of architecture in this period, and the size of the three reception rooms and master bedroom are quite exceptional for the time. There is also a grand entrance hall leading into the property, a dining room and an en suite bathroom.

The unusual apartment is only one kilometre from the train station in the centre of Nice and five kilometres from the airport.

‘This is the kind of property clients are always asking for, but rarely get in this condition at this price,’ says Katie Ash from VEF. ‘This is ideal for anyone looking for an apartment that impresses or for one they can simply enjoy.’

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