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Libeskind villa in Switzerland

With its sharp, angular windows and asymmetrical lines, the Villa Libeskind on the shores of Lake Maggiore describes itself as a ‘walk-in sculpture’.

Daniel Libeskind unveiled the show home for his limited edition of 30 prefab houses, designed to be transported anywhere in the world, in autumn 2009. It is now on the market through Wetag Consulting (+41 91 751 3106; for a rumoured €3 million.

The Villa’s asymmetrical, tapered silhouette is said to evoke a crystal and the wide expanses of glass are designed to create an uninterrupted connection to nature. Mr Libeskind, whose works include the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, is renowned for his multidisciplinary approach to architecture.

The villa has four bedrooms and complies with some of the toughest energy-saving standards across the world.