Country Life 15 March 2023

Country Life 15 March 2023 looks at bees, Buff Orpingtons and bargain country houses.

Small is beautiful

Characterful Church Cottage in East Yorkshire is now a perfect country house in miniature, reports John Martin Robinson

Native breeds

Kate Green on Buff Orpingtons

The healing power of honey

Busy bees are doing their bit for charity, reveals Agnes Stamp

The real drive of his life

Automotive pioneer Sir Henry Royce was quite at home on the farm, discovers Russell Higham

A charter for second homes

Simon Jenkins considers how communities could learn to embrace second-home owners to the benefit of everyone

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The real thing

James Fisher unveils his pick of properties for less than £1m

Marvels of the moor

The steep gardens of Lukesland, Devon, are both spectacular and important. Caroline Donald visits

Martin St Quinton’s favourite painting

The chairman of Cheltenham Racecourse chooses a classic behind-the-scenes racing work

Squirrel wars and straying sheep

Red squirrels are under siege on Jamie Blackett’s farm, as the sheep escape again


Hearts still soar as the roar rings around Cheltenham Racecourse. Jack Watkins relates its history

Raising the flag

When may you fly your banner? Should you sit on a Union Jack cushion? Is the Royal Standard ever lowered? John F. Mueller untangles the halyards

Who are you calling ugly?

Look up at any church and you’ll find gargoyles and grotesques leering down, says Ben Lerwill

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell wraps up her raffia


Arabella Youens’s guide to home building, from plan to party room

Ripe for the sowing

Nothing beats a homegrown tomato, believes Mark Diacono, and there’s a variety for everyone

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on Jersey Royals

Tragedy ancient and modern

From Medea to Grenfell, theatre still has the power to shock and awe, says Michael Billington