Country Life 1 December 2021

Country Life 1 December 2021 looks at white-tailed eagles and drives some of the nation's best roads.

GREAT DRIVES: Buckle up and hit one of these eight scenic roads, from Snake Pass to the Atlantic Highway, advises Annunciata Elwes.

WHITE-TAILED EAGLES: The white-tailed ‘eagle with the sunlit eye’ is back and is being welcomed, finds Vicky Liddell.

CATHEDRALS OF COLOUR: Far from being pale and austere, our churches and cathedrals were once ablaze with colour, says Simon Jenkins. Isn’t it time they regained their splendour?.

LONDON LIFE: Abbey Road Studios, crumbling dinosaurs, cultural Bloomsbury and Joanna Wood’s top spots.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Laurence Cummings, music director, chooses a timeless, enigmatic Vermeer.

CARLA CARLISLE: Carla Carlisle reflects on the bonds of two great cathedrals.

A MARVEL IN CRYSTAL: Crystal Palace was as awesome as the exhibition it was built to house, discovers Jack Watkins.

WHERE THE FREEMASONS GATHER: James Campbell explores the grand Art Deco interior of the newly opened Grand Lodge, Freemasons’ Hall in London.

LUXURY: Hetty Lintell on vivid tanzanite.

INTERIORS: Libraries to get lost in.

THE CARIBBEAN: Carla Passino reveals the quirks and perks of the area and presents idyllic properties for sale.

GARDENS: Spring preparations have begun in Morton Hall’s gardens, Worcestershire. Tiffany Daneff visits.

RECIPE: Melanie Johnson makes magic with Jerusalem artichokes.

And much more…