Country Life 10 August 2022

Country Life 10 August 2022 looks at weathervanes, Tutankhamun and the plight of local churches.


Jack Watkins explores the many wonders of The Ark created by John Tradescant the Elder

Just blame it on the weathervane

From once-ubiquitous cockerels to pigs and ships, weathervanes top a building off with style and meaning, finds Harry Pearson

We must restore local churches to local people

Simon Jenkins reports on the national crisis facing our parish churches and suggests ways to save an incomparable resource

My salad days

Don’t mess with the perfection of a classic salade Niçoise, advises Tom Parker Bowles

Frances Spalding’s favourite painting

The art critic and historian picks a powerful Biblical scene

Recommended videos for you

They’ve stood the test of time

Fiona Reynolds steps into the past on a walk from Wells Cathedral to Glastonbury Tor

A design of splendid convenience

In the second of two articles, John Goodall explores the magnificent and well-planned interiors of Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Rediscovering the Boy King

The moment when the 5th Earl of Carnarvon gazed into the tomb of Tutankhamun captivated the world. Now, the 8th Earl is paying tribute, finds Eleanor Doughty

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell feathers her cap


Creating comfort from old offices and paint colours that flatter

Awash with colour and inspiration

The visionary garden of Wildside, Devon, is a painterly tribute to a lost love, discovers Mary Keen

 ‘To decorate life’

Matthew Dennison reveals the colourful art of Frank Brangwyn

Art market

The sale of the Country Life office furniture, from Lutyens chairs to the Editor’s desk