Country Life 10 November 2021

Country Life 10 November 2021 carries the Prince of Wales's annual birthday leader article, pays tribute to the fallen and gets behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES: ‘Our hedgerows are our single biggest Nature reserve,’ says the Prince of Wales as he extols the immeasurable value of hedges and the importance of planting the right trees in the right places.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Sir Andrew Gregory, CEO of SSAFA, chooses a thought-provoking Dutch work.

WALKING LIFE: Fiona Reynolds on the Quantocks.

TREES: Our great trees have seen all of history, good and bad. Mark Hooper takes a close look at 10.

THE SOLDIER: Jack Watkins tells the story behind Brooke’s The Soldier.

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POPPY APPEAL: From the heart of the Poppy Factory, Andrew Green salutes the man who began the Poppy Appeal.

GEORGE MOOR: Nothing daunted, young George Moor epitomised the heroes of the First World War.

GILLING CASTLE: In the second of two articles, John Goodall reveals the saving of the Tudor great chamber of Gilling Castle, North Yorkshire.

STONE: Eleanor Coade’s artificial stone embellishes architecture across Britain, finds John Goodall.

HORSERADISH: Tom Parker Bowles dares to taste the heat of horseradish.

LUXURY: Hetty Lintell raises a glass and looks at what to wear for party season.

INTERIORS: Let there be light.

GARDENS: Once derided, now adorning Chatsworth, succulents are back in favour, says Val Bourne; while grottos, sham ruins and shell houses are garden must-haves again.

THEATRE: Michael Billington sets sail, before being brought back to earth.

MOTORING: From Aston Martin with love; Toby Keel takes to the road.

And much more