Country Life 11 March 2020

Country Life 11 March 2020 celebrates Blair Castle, discusses the possibilities of foraging and contains the Country Life guide to weddings.

FURNISHINGS OF DISTINCTION: Blair Castle is furnished with an outstanding 18th-century ensemble, says David Jones

LET THE LAND FEED YOU: Could you forage your meals for a year? John Wright shows you what to pick, cut and tap

A ROCOCO PALACE IN THE WILDS: The inspired creation of Blair Castle, Perthshire, reflects the turbulent history of the Dukes of Atholl, reveals Mary Miers

101 FACTS ABOUT GREAT BRITAIN: Where is the country’s smallest house? What did Errol Flynn grafitti? Who lives in Loch Morar? Where is Britain’s silk capital?

THE COUNTRY LIFE GUIDE TO WEDDINGS: Everything you need to know before your big day

OLDER AND WISER: Arabella Youens offers tips for a second (or third) wedding

TO SPEND OR NOT TO SPEND: We reveal the bits that are worth the money and what are not

PRESENT AND CORRECT: Hetty Lintell on the best gifts

THE TOP 10: Rosie Paterson on honeymoons

LUXURY: Jewels for her and watches for him, plus great hats, high-value flowers and bespoke gowns