Country Life 12 December 2018

Country Life 12 December 2018 is one of our highlights of the year: the incomparable Christmas double issue, with 226 pages of the very best that Britain has to offer – plus our annual Travel supplement which takes in some of the highlights from the rest of the world.

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THE 12 GAMES OF CHRISTMAS: Kit Hesketh-Harvey’s pick of the best parlour games to play over the festive season.

GO FOR GOOSE: Kate Green is firmly in the goose camp – she explains why she things it’s a better Christmas dish than turkey.

TRAVEL SUPPLEMENT: 74 pages of the world’s finest destinations, from Bolivia to Tahiti, from to cities to safaris, and the 10 most beautiful villas in the world.

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TOP DOGS: Fiction’s finest four-legged friends. Does yours make the cut?

EDITOR’S CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Gather the family round and see if you can beat the boss.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: The Bishop of Winchester’s wise words for Christmas.

LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL: One of our great cathedrals, majestically photographed and accompanied by words from John Goodall.

THE CHRISTMAS STORY: Rachel Joyce, author of the world-wide bestseller The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, writes our exclusive Christmas tale.

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CARS: Charles Rangely-Wilson on why the trend for touchscreens is downright dangerous.

CHRISTMAS CROSSWORD: Test your little grey cells.

HUW EDWARDS: The newsreader on life’s little luxuries.


FAVOURITE PAINTING: Composer Michael Berkely chooses a wintry landscape.

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