Country Life 12 June 2024

Country Life 12 June 2024 is our annual sustainability special, looking at soil, the seaside, and how to make the countryside beautiful again.

Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find inside.

The Country Life green manifesto

As the General Election looms large, we present our practical 10-point plan that could make a real difference to the planet

What lies beneath

Soil is both full of life and the very stuff of life, so it’s high time we stopped treating it like dirt, suggests Sarah Langford

Bridges to survival

Building ‘ecoducts’ to connect wildlife habitats separated by road and rail is the way forward, argues John Lewis-Stempel

Recommended videos for you

Over the moon

Jane Wheatley meets the biodynamic farmers following the lunar calendar to tend their crops in tune with Nature

A woolly good story

What happened to the golden fleece? Harry Pearson tracks the fall of wool from medieval marvel to unwanted by-product

Country Life’s Little Green Book

Madeleine Silver profiles the people, places and products currently turning heads with genuinely green credentials

Neptune’s larder

Helen Scales wades in to forage for seaweed, seeking everything from sea spaghetti to sugar kelp

Rebel gardener

James Alexander-Sinclair talks to John Little about the amazing diversity of his garden in Essex

The man with his head in the clouds

Royal favourite Edward Seago lived a life as vibrant, varied and colourful as his paintings, discovers Peyton Skipwith

Lt-Col Frederick Wells’s favourite painting

The commanding officer of the Coldstream Guards chooses a majestic portrait of Elizabeth II

The best of both worlds

Minette Batters celebrates the remarkable recovery of grey partridge on the South Downs

Just right: Walpole’s balance

In the first of two articles, John Goodall examines the creation of Wolterton Hall in Norfolk

 ‘A better use of Sundays’

Russell Higham applauds the enduring appeal of Britain’s  elegant Victorian bandstands

The legacy

David Austen dedicated his life to creating the perfect English rose, as Tiffany Daneff reveals

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell casts her net far and wide for fishy accessories


Giles Kime hails designers who are at one with the environment

Hard landscaping

The Dunvegan Castle gardens are a verdant oasis on the Isle of Skye, finds Caroline Donald

Native herbs

Wormwood is an old absinthe ingredient best kept at arm’s length, advises John Wright

You’ve got to break a few eggs

Tom Parker Bowles is hoping practice makes perfect as he eyes the immaculate omelette

And much more