Country Life 13 April 2022

Country Life 13 April 2022 is our Easter special issue.

The Editor’s Easter quiz: Can you identify all the native creatures and their young?.

Down the rabbit hole: Many things to many people, the tasty bunny has hidden depths, reveals John Lewis-Stempel.

A land of milk and cheddar: From cider to cheese, floods: to flour, Somerset is one of our richest counties, believe Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir.

He was of his time: Andrew Green salutes Ralph Vaughan Williams, far more than solely a pastoral composer.

Rana Begum’s favourite painting: The artist chooses an alluring and tactile contemporary work.

Recommended videos for you

Paradise in the Garden: of England: Fiona Reynolds follows in the footsteps of Chaucer and finds all is not lost of the land he knew.

Masterpiece: Jack Watkins turns his attention to the map that launched the Ordnance Survey we know today.

Crusading spirit: High on an open escarpment: in North Yorkshire stands the Bunting War Memorial Chapel. John Goodall tells its moving and very personal story.

The secret appeal: of scurvy grass: Sea kale may not be pretty or plentiful, but it’s worth searching the shore or forcing under terra-: cotta, says Tom Parker Bowles.

The good stuff: Hetty Lintell on the sunny side.

Interiors: Cheer up your tables with the latest and brightest designs.

A colour symphony: Flamingos and flowers abound in the garden of Coton Manor, Northamptonshire, where the planting strikes just the right note, finds Tiffany Daneff.

He lived ‘not like a painter, but like a prince’: Susan Jenkins delves into the stellar career of the ‘divine Raphael’, a paragon of painting.