Country Life 16 March 2022

Country Life 16 March 2022 looks at why parties are back, Shackleton's story, hill forts and what the property market holds in 2022.


Jack Watkins admires the bravery and fortitude revealed in South, Frank Hurley’s film of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s voyage

To boldly go where no man has gone before

Men and women have long tested the outer limits of human endurance, says Charles Harris

Castles on the hill

Across the country, hill forts of all sizes still possess a certain magic, discovers Vicky Liddell

Turn up the heat

Amelia Thorpe spices up kitchens

Party like it’s 2019

Forget the pandemic, the party is back. Rupert Uloth gives his guide to how it has changed

The new black tie

Men: be adventurous with your dress, advises Arabella Youens

The time of my life

Eleanor Doughty reveals the secrets of a perfect party

The good stuff

Pink and green should always be seen, believes Hetty Lintell

The party notebook

Dress up and pop the magnum

Keys to the kingdom

Buying agents offer their advice for property purchases in 2022

Dr Kate Pretty’s favourite painting

The archaeologist chooses a powerful portrait of war

Calf love and birthing pains

Jamie Blackett gets in touch with his inner midwife

Agricultural improvements

The Georgian farm was a vital part of the agricultural revolution, explains John Martin Robinson

How your garden can heal you

Don’t throw weeds away, they might help, says Catriona Gray

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on spinach


Cornwall, Bhutan and Sicily

A very dingley dell

Annie Gatti is entranced by Copyhold Hollow, West Sussex

State of the nation

Three notable plays drive home disturbing messages about our country, says Michael Billington

Lurch, skunk and level-pegging

Harry Pearson picks up his cards to gamble on a game of cribbage