Country Life 16 October 2019

OXFORD’S FIRST PALACE: John Goodall explores widely admired New College, Oxford

CRISPY CRAWLIES: Will cockroach burgers ever catch on, wonders Ian Morton

FLIRTING WITH DANGER: Untested bungee jumping or grand-piano skiing, anyone? Adam Hay-Nicholls tells the tale of the Dangerous Sports Club

ALL HAIL THE KING: Catriona Gray admires the enthusiasm of the silky-eared Cavalier King Charles spaniel

NEW KITCHENS, OLD SPACES: Freya Hardman on the shortlist for the Historic Houses Kitchen Award

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STARTING OVER: Fed up with your career? Arabella Youens meets the professionals retraining as interior designers

ANIMAL MAGIC: Octavia Pollock talks to Robert Dalrymple about his irrepressible and talkative African grey parrot

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: The founder of Designers Guild chooses a powerful abstract