Country Life 17 February 2021

Country Life 17 February 2021 looks at desks, houses with extensions and primroses.

THE GAME THAT INSPIRED RUGBY AND FOOTBALL: Before there was an FA and an RFU, there was Hand Ba’.

IF DESKS COULD TALK: Eleanor Doughty on the tales they’d tell.

HERMITAGES: Those who were in isolation long before lockdown.

CONSERVATORIES: Brighten your house, brighten your life.

COWS: Jamie Blackett on his revived farm.

TANKS A LOT: How German tanks once drove through Pembrokeshire.

MARGARET HOWELL: The designer’s favourite painting.

HOUSES WITH EXTENSIONS: The best for sale today.

PRINCESS MARGARET: A royal inspiration for Hetty Lintell’s luxurious morning routine.

MUSICALS: Michael Billington on five shows that will raise anyone’s spirits.

And much more