Country Life 17 July 2019

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ARCHITECTS AND THEIR HOMES: Three professionals explain to Clive Aslet what it’s like to adapt their own homes.

ANIMAL MAGIC: The mighty rhinos of Reggie Heyworth.

DARING GARDENING: Cecil Beaton’s garden at Reddish House, Wiltshire, and its beautiful revival.

PEREGRINE FALCONS: How these birds have found nests among the spires of our catherdrals.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NODDY!: 70 years after Enid Blyton created the little man with the red-and-yellow car

KITCHEN COLOURS: What to choose for where.

ELIOT HODGKIN: The man who strove to reveal the beauty of the ordinary through his art.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Stephen Calloway choses Giorgione’s lastest masterpiece.

KITCHEN GARDEN COOK: Melanie Johnson on fennel.

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