Country Life 18 November 2020

Country Life 18 November 2020 looks at the nation's smartest loos, learns to fix everything and pops on some comfy slippers.

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FIX ANYTHING: How make do and mend has made a comeback.

CHETTLE HOUSE: The award-winning restoration of a Dorset masterpiece.

BEST NEW KITCHENS FOR OLD HOUSES: Our awards, in conjunction with Historic Houses and Neptune.

NED DENNY’S FAVOURITE PAINTING: The first-ever choice of a Pissarro.

CANNOCK CHASE: Our series on AONBs looks at the smallest in the land.

HAVEN’T I SEEN YOU SOMEWHERE BEFORE?: The surprising re-use of architectural elements.

LOVELY LOOS: From Queen Victoria’s railway carriage convenience to painted chamber pots.

SUMPTUOUS SLIPPERS: Hetty Lintell picks out her favourites.

PROPERTY: Grand and beautiful homes for sale in Yorkshire and Devon.

BRITAIN’S SMALLEST BIRDS: Ian Morton on the tiny kinglets.