Country Life 18 September 2019

Country Life 18 September 2019 looks at the Cotswolds, meets octogenarian thespians and tours Laurie Lee's Slad Valley.

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LAURIE LEE’S SLAD VALLEY: The place that inspired Cider with Rosie, as it stands today.

ANIMAL MAGIC: Octavia Pollock talks to Adam Henson about his long-wooled sheep.

POISONED PLANTS: Ian Morton on the plants to be wary of.

PROPERTY: The finest houses in the Cotswolds.

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ABBOTS GRANGE: The story of a Cotswolds landmark in the village of Broadway.

THE LAST STEAMBENDER: Shaping wood is still done the traditional way.

INTERIORS: Best boutiques.

RUNNER BEANS: How to make them sparkle, by Melanie Johnson.

TRAVEL: A trip to Singapore’s most famous hotel, and perhaps the most famous in Asia: Raffles.

THE CANAPE AWARDS: Our annual search begins again.

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