Country Life 19 May 2021

Country Life 19 May 2021 is our sustainability special issue, telling the story of how the Prince of Wales and his team transformed Sandringham into an organic estate, and launching Country Life's Trees for Tomorrow tree planting campaign.

Find out more here about some of the pieces this week:

SANDRINGHAM GOES ORGANIC: The Prince of Wales tells Paula Lester about the importance of farming naturally and sustainably.

TREES FOR TOMORROW: Join our campaign to plant the Country Life Forest.

ETHICAL SHOPPING: Buying carefully can help the planet — here’s what you need to know.

THE GOOD LIFE: Ethical entrepreneurs living off the land.

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SEAWEED: Jamie Blackett on the secret ingredient.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Finlay Scott picks a portrait.

FEARGAL SHARKEY: A good 80s pop star is hard to find, but we managed to catch up with the singer — now a many concerned with saving rivers.

GREEN GOLD: How alternatives to mining can help lessen the impact of digging for gold.

WHAT DO ALL THE SYMBOLS MEAN: Recycling’s baffling symbols decoded.

COMPOST: Tiffany Daneff on how to get it right.