Country Life 2 December 2020

Country Life 2 December 2020 looks at the strange power of the moon, enjoys a touch of London Life and tries its best to unlock the secret of the widespread appeal of the pug.

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PUGS: They’ve become one of the nation’s most popular dog breeds. But why? Flora Watkins takes a look.

BUILDING HOUSES FROM CRAYONS: An unusual artist talks to Country Life.

THE MOON: Jeremy Hobson on the strange but very real power of the moon.

LONDON LIFE: Crossrail’s secrets and the best hot chocolate in town.

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THE EDITOR’S LUXURIES: Mark Hedges offers Christmas inspiration with the things that have kept him smiling in 2020.

CLOISONNÉ: Never heard of it? You have now. Matthew Dennison explains more.

And much more besides.