Country Life 20 September 2023

Country Life 20 September 2023 tells you who's who in the Cotswolds and delivers pages of spectacular property.

Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Why my heart belongs to the Cotswolds

Honey-coloured villages, myriad sporting opportunities, secluded valleys and stylish shops are only a few reasons to love the area. Paula Lester meets the residents who wouldn’t live anywhere else

Kew’s Herbarium should stay put

Alan Titchmarsh gives his opinion on the proposal to move a major part of Kew Gardens’s priceless collection away from its home

I’m nuts about you

A tasty snack or a playground weapon, nutty possibilites are endless. John Lewis-Stempel gathers his autumn bounty

Recommended videos for you

Giles Coren’s favourite painting

The presenter and writer picks a refracted memory of school

A fawn too far?

Jamie Blackett does the right thing and the barley is saved

Making history live

In the second of two articles, John Goodall visits Spetchley Park, Worcestershire, where the Regency meets the 21st century

Native breeds

Kate Green admires the grand Gloucestershire Old Spot pig

Lark Rise ascending

Flora Thompson’s world of post offices and rustic living beguiles Matthew Dennison 80 years on

Follow your (white) hart

Why has the white stag drawn questers for centuries? Deborah Nicholls-Lee sets off on the trail

The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Neil Buttery grins and bears the history of the crooked British smile


Kitting out your dream kitchen

Set in stone

The outbuildings of an ancient Cotswold farmhouse are now a series of beguiling gardens. Tiffany Daneff explores

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson relishes figs

A blessing in disguise

Odd in looks, but surprisingly cuddly and a protection from the Devil, wood avens has a rich history, finds John Wright

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell’s tastiest jewellery

Through the looking glass

Michael Billington admires imaginative shows at inventive venues

And much more