Country Life 21 April 2021

Country Life 21 April 2021 looks at dogs, treehouses and poppies, plus much more.

LIFE IN A TREEHOUSE: Star Wars and Semaphore.

POPPIES: How to sow them for summer colour.

EATING SNAILS: Why home-grown snails taste better than their French counterparts.

DOGS: Why our pooches understand us.

LOLA YOUNG’S FAVOURITE PAINTING: The Baroness makes her choice.

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DOGS POST-LOCKDOWN: How to ease them back into normal life.

POLOS: A minty celebration.

THE COLOUR OF MONEY: How great estates carefully colour-code their properties.

WRITERS’ HOUSES: Novelists’ homes for sale.

ELDERFLOWER: Ed Brown on one of spring’s joys.