Country Life 22 February 2023

Country Life 22 February 2023 is our fine arts issue, looking at the Dutch Masters and 'ugly' art as well as Winchester College, dry-stone walling and more.

Notes from an old master

Charlotte Mullins talks to Dutch Old Masters dealer Johnny van Haeften about Brexit, biscuits and the state of the art market

Beauty is in the eye of the brush holder

Michael Prodger explores the ugly face of art, complete with jutting jawlines, rubbery lips and potato-shaped noses

Go ahead, jump!

Traditionally a symbol of fertility and a fairy-tale prince, our frogs are facing an uncertain future, discovers Ian Morton

A cut above

A trio of British growers offers advice to Tiffany Daneff on how to start a cutting garden

The ‘firework’ master

The multitalented John Piper should be celebrated as one of the great polymaths of the 20th century, argues Peyton Skipwith

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School Life

Andrew Green calls for choristers to take a pew and Lucy Higginson finds the Arts are thriving, plus Tessa Waugh on heads’ hobbies


Jack Watkins takes a step back in time to enjoy Kilvert’s Diary

Nicholas Lyons’s favourite painting

London’s Lord Mayor selects a vibrant and optimistic work

An encyclopaedia of architecture

Jeremy Musson examines the evolving architectural tapestry of Winchester College, Hampshire

Native breeds

The attractive two-tone Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep catches the eye of Kate Green

The writing’s on the wall

The ancient art of dry-stone walling leaves John Lewis-Stempel in a Zen-like state


Hetty Lintell on inspiration from Highgrove and tasselled jewels,  plus Jeremy Irvine’s must-haves


Arabella Youens on a discovery at Keythorpe Hall and Giles Kime on the route to design success

Fresh picks

Elegant vases with Amelia Thorpe

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on salad leaves

And much more.