Country Life 22 January 2020

Country Life 22 January takes a look at how to preserve our nations songbirds, looks back on the wonders of the Roaring Twenties and explores the stories of Merlin, the Holy Grail and a miraculous salmon.

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SILENCE OF THE BIRDS: Tom Streeter of SongBird Survival talks to Kate Green about the charity’s work in saving avian songsters

SHAKESPEARE, DEMOCRACYAND RASPBERRY-RIPPLE:  The great British philistine is a notable addition to the world, argues David Turner

ROARING TWENTIES: Ysenda Maxtone Graham sets out her wishlist for the 2020s and Victoria Marston finds the icons that made the 1920s a success

LAND OF MYTH AND LEGEND: Amy Jeffs recalls the stories of Merlin, the Holy Grail and a miraculous salmon

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