Country Life 24 April 2019

Country Life 24 April 2019 looks at the fate of Notre Dame, Mary Quant’s lifestyle revolution and East Anglian rum.

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NOTRE DAME: After the fire, architecture editor John Goodall looks at the history of this medieval masterpiece.

SOOTHING YOUR SOUL: How nature can help when things look bleak,

SUFFOLK: A look at the joys of the country’s hidden delights.

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RUM BUSINESS: The Caribbean booze is now being made in East Anglia.

ASPARAGUS: Melanie Johnson on making the most of this seasonal delight.

CHAUCER’S LONDON: Is the medieval heart of Southwark being lost forever?

WATCHES: Your timepiece says something about you, whether you like it or not. Robin Swithinbank explains.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: The opera singer Mary Plazas makes her selection.

GARDENS: Little Bentley Hall, where the stew ponds provided inspiration.

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