Country Life 25 August 2021

Country Life 25 August 2021 is our Scotland special issue. Find out more about what is inside.

GOLDEN EAGLES: The king of the Scottish skies is thriving in the Highlands and is now being reintroduced to the Lowlands.

BERRIES: Forget the familiar blackberry and try a blue honeysuckle, a wineberry or a Chilean guava.

SCOTLAND ON FILM: The dramatic castles, distant horizons and dreich glens of Scotland are beloved by film-makers.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Turtle Bunbury, historian, picks one of the oldest works of art in existence.

ANTONY GORMLEY: John Goodall talks to Sir Antony Gormley about the meaning of his sculpture for Wells Cathedral.

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WEDDERBURN CASTLE: Long neglected, Robert Adam’s little-known Wedderburn Castle, Berwickshire, has been joyously revived.

SCOTTISH TEA: Why, yes please. Nick Hammond meets the growers brewing up a treat.

TRAVEL: Falconry, whisky and staying at the Three Chimneys on Skye.

INTERIORS: A cosy kitchen and loose covers.

GARDENS: The former kitchen garden at Hopetoun House, West Lothian, is a marvel, finds Noel Kingsbury.

And much more.