Country Life 25 October 2023

Country Life 25 October 2023 looks at shire horses, the art of storms and the restoration of a medieval tower. Here's a look at some of what you'll find inside.

Native breeds

‘England’s past has been borne on his back’: Kate Green cele-brates the noble Shire horse, a gentle and patient servant

Taken by storm

Michael Prodger examines the artist in the eye of the storm, from a gale-tossed Rembrandt to a J. M. W. stomach-Turner

And still, as he lived, he wondered

More than a century after The Wind in the Willows was written, the exploits of Ratty, Mole and Toad continue to entertain, as Matthew Dennison discovers

In for a penny-farthing

Riding a Victorian high wheeler for 400 miles across war-torn Ukraine was a real eye-opener for adventurer Neil Laughton

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Kitchens can be so much more than mere functional spaces, as three leading interior designers reveal to Arabella Youens

Lighting-up time

Magical autumn colours make Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex a place for all seasons, suggests Charles Quest-Riston

Jamie Hambro’s favourite painting

The Guide Dogs for the Blind chairman selects his favourite characterful animal painting

Medieval modernism

Mary Miers finds that the spirit of the Arts-and-Crafts Movement is alive and well as she visits Ballone Castle, a remarkable Scottish tower-house restoration

The whorled wide web

Simon Lester endeavours to untangle the natural wonder that is the spiderweb—gossamer thin, but stronger than steel

Scaling heart-attack hill

John Lewis-Stempel conquers the timeless Sussex Downs, before an October storm forces him to beat a hasty retreat


Hetty Lintell explores bespoke eyewear, Penhaligon’s potions and remedies, and the life and legacy of Coco Chanel, Prof Tim Spector shares his favourite things, plus beautiful and practical navigation watches

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson welcomes pumpkins to her autumn kitchen


A trip to one of Bordeaux’s best vineyards is a voyage of discovery for Mark Hedges, as he learns the story behind the fine wine at Château Troplong Mondot

Feed your soul

Neil Buttery investigates the centuries-old belief that a soul would be saved for every special oatmeal cake baked and handed out on All Souls’ Day

Playing with fire

As The Wicker Man turns 50, Steve Sutherland looks at the making of a folk-horror classic