Country Life 26 April 2023

Country Life 26 April 2023 commemorates the coronation of King Charles III with an extraordinary issue of over 350 pages paying tribute to the monarch.

The Coronation of King Charles III

Heavy lies the crown

The circle of gold and glittering jewels is a familiar badge of royalty, but its ancient, symbolic meaning goes far deeper, explains Matthew Dennison

A theatre of coronation

John Goodall unravels the history of Westminster Abbey in its role as the nation’s coronation church

The Renaissance King

Ten friends of Country Life who have worked with The King tell why they believe the pioneering, indefatigable and courageous Charles III will be a great monarch

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 ‘She’s the best listener in the world’

It has not been an easy ride for the new Queen, but she is excelling in royal life, describes Jane Wheatley

A perfect 10

Agnes Stamp plays the numbers game

It shouldn’t happen at a coronation

Tumbling peers, backwards crowns, earthquakes: the ceremony has seen it all, finds Carla Passino

Let the celebrations begin

Kate Green reveals what everyone will be doing on coronation weekend, from The Mall to the village hall

The King and I

Dorothy Wells was there when George VI was crowned


Jack Watkins admires the Gold State Coach

If the ceremonial hat fits

Royal milliner Jane Smith’s work has graced screen and stage, discovers Simon Fenwick

Time for change

Timothy Mowl meets the artist of our new coins

Let the power of the music carry you

Spirits will be raised by soaring song at this coronation, as always, says Andrew Green

The King’s gardens

Alan Titchmarsh tours the royal sanctuaries

Send him victorious, happy and glorious

Charles Harris examines the history of the national anthem

Not just for mugs?

Are commemorative souvenirs worth it, wonders Huon Mallalieu

Mark the occasion

Sarah Royce-Greensill explains hallmarks

The face of Majesty

Royal portraits reveal both preoccupations and personalities, finds Michael Prodger

Other articles this week

Henry Dallal’s favourite painting

The photographer admired by the late Queen picks a jewelled and gilded Persian scene


Jane Asher and fine jewels


WOW!house lives up to its name

All creatures great and small

Mary Miers tells the life story of St Francis

As fresh as a daisy

Cleavers and dandelions evoke the games of childhood for John Lewis-Stempel

Native breed

Kate Green on the noble Vaynol cattle

Shrimply the best

Tom Parker Bowles tucks into the luscious langoustine, seafood fit for The King

The bumblebee’s knees

Harry Pearson on the beloved buzzing bee

And much more