Country Life 26 October 2022

Country Life 26 October 2022 is a very special issue that includes our first ever Best In Class feature, which looks at the very finest things in life.

Best in class

Country Life picks the 70 items you should own, from brooms to fishing reels, doll’s houses to trugs and everything in between

This fortress built by Nature for herself

Picture Editor Lucy Ford picks her favourite entries from the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards

Dabbling with pretty ducks

From tiny teal to extravagant mandarins, waterfowl can be an ornament on any lake or pond.

A song of chance and fire

The colours of autumn may be hard to predict, but that only makes them more glorious, believes Steven Desmond

Jean-Louis Sebagh’s favourite painting

The cosmetic doctor and skin-care specialist picks a Surreal scene

Recommended videos for you

No time for sentiment

A grey-squirrel drey catches the eye of John Lewis-Stempel, as he feeds his sheep in the wet


Jack Watkins falls under the spell of The Phantom of the Opera

A Georgian celebration

John Goodall, chairman of the judging panel, reveals the results of the Georgian Group Awards

 ‘Governed for God’s praise’

In the first of two articles, David Robinson revisits a remarkable survival of a Premonstratensian abbey, Beeleigh in Essex

Sweet to the core

Toffee apples are far from being only children’s treats, says Debora Robertson

Red sky at night is a solar delight

Giles Kime gets excited about turning on his dishwasher


Monty Don and explosive jewels

All fired up

Non Morris admires the autumn display at Gresgarth Hall, Lincolnshire, home of garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on pumpkins