Country Life 27 April 2022

Country Life 27 April 2022 celebrates Norfolk, Alfred Munnings, and much more besides.

A love letter to Norfolk

Novelist and local D. J. Taylor reveals the real magic of his home

And they all lived together in a little crooked house

The nursery rhyme came true for two residents of Lavenham, Suffolk, discovers Flora Watkins

On the wings of a turtle dove

Dedicated conservation work is reviving the fortunes of this pretty summer bird with its purring call, finds Robin Page

 ‘How lovely are the things you help us to perceive’

Enduring love for English rural life shone through the work of the convivial Sir Alfred Munnings, who deserves more credit for his skill, believes Octavia Pollock

Gilane Tawadros’s favourite painting

The writer and curator chooses a Turner with modern resonance

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Birds in their little nests agree

John Lewis-Stempel admires the nests being built all around


Jack Watkins on the Test record of cricketing legend Len Hutton

The serene interior  

The remodelling of Elizabethan Longstowe Hall, Cambridgeshire, evokes 17th-century Dutch art, reports Jeremy Musson

There’s pickle in the jar

Branston pickle has been cheering cheese sandwiches for 100 years, finds Alec Marsh


Land Rovers, loafers and Lord Botham’s favourite things


Kitchens and a house of fun

Gardening on the edge

For its Chelsea-winning owner, Mansard House in Suffolk is a grand garden laboratory, discovers Catherine Howard

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson conjures courses with watercress

A plum role

Jonathan Spain on the story of the succulent Cambridge gage

And much more