Country Life 28 April 2021

Country Life 28 April 2021 revels in East Anglia, dishes up Samphire and listens to evening songbirds.

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JAKE FIENNES: The conservation director at Holkham estate in Norfolk tells James Fisher why Nature needs edge and mess.

NEWNHAM COLLEGE: Cambridge opened its doors to women scholars 150 years ago. Kathryn Ferry examines the carefully chosen style of its buildings.

SAMPHIRE: The taste of a mermaid’s kiss is back on our plates.

WINDMILLS: Romantic reminders of times past, windmills across the UK are enjoying a new lease of life

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MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: David Profumo’s choice, a portrait of a fishing hero.

EAST ANGLIA: Farmer and writer Adrian Bell’s celebrations of the rural life of his adopted county.

THE EVENING CHORUS: Pause and listen to the jazzy song of the birds as dusk falls.

INTERIORS: Curves in the bathroom and innovative lighting designs.

GARDENS: Kathryn Bradley-Hole admires wildlife-friendly gardens, from central London to Cadiz.

PROPERTY: Houses in East Anglia, picked by Penny Churchill and James Fisher.