Country life 4 August 2021

Country life 4 August 2021 peers into rockpools and soars over the Lake District.

Here’s a small selection of what you’ll find inside.

FLYING VISIT: Charles Harris takes glorious flight over the Lake District

ROCKPOOLS: Life in the rockpool can be cut-throat, says Adam Nicolson

INSECT APOCALYPSE: Dave Goulson on averting the impending insect apocalypse

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Sally Clarke, restauranteur, chooses a simple, restful study by Dürer

Recommended videos for you

ELGAR: Jack Watkins examines Elgar’s ‘best of me’ oratorio

TURVEY HOUSE: Jeremy Musson details the refurbishment of neo-Classical Turvey House in Bedfordshire, by the seventh generation of the family that built it

MOUSE MCPHERSON: Claire Jackson revisits the all-too-short life of wildlife artist Mouse McPherson

GARDENING: Colchicums offer spring-like freshness, but in autumn, finds Charles Quest-Ritson

RECIPES: Melanie Johnson makes the most of summer cherries

CRICKET: England’s cricketers face a tough Test against India, warns James Fisher

And much more