Country Life 6 July 2022

Country Life 6 July 2022 looks at the islands of Britain, kittiwakes, growing hazelnuts and the Cornish artisan who hand-crafts surfboards from wood.

Masterpiece: Jack Watkins climbs aboard steam locomotive Mallard

The challenge of cathedral thinking: John Goodall talks to René Olivieri, the new chairman of the National Trust, about staying true to the charity’s principles

Property: Getting away from the ‘hustle and bustle’, and the lure of the sea

Living on the edge: Our islands offer wild landscapes, rare architecture and close communities, as well as tough conditions. Mary Miers explores outposts from Barra to Kent

If I be waspish, best beware my sting: We all swat them; we should salute them. Seirian Sumner defends the ubiquitous wasp

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Liver birds? Try Toon gulls: Vicky Liddell marvels at the vast Tyneside colonies of kittiwakes

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1960s notebook: Melanie Bryan on Country Life’s take on the Swinging Sixties

Saad Eddine Said’s favourite painting: The artistic director chooses: a modern take on a classic

All the president’s men: Carla Carlisle reflects on Water-gate and the need for courage

A poet’s home: Farringford, the Isle of Wight residence of Alfred Tennyson,  has been restored as a museum of his life. John Goodall explores

Riding the crest of a wave: For James Otter, surfing on: a wooden board he has made himself is a thrill like no other. Ben Lerwill visits his workshop

Luxury: The Country Life x Ettinger collection and Hetty Lintell on bags

Interiors: Light up your home in style

A world away: Overlooking St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens reflect one man’s zeal, finds James Alexander-Sinclair

Kitchen garden cook: Melanie Johnson conjures comfort food with courgettes

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