Country Life 7 February 2024

Country Life 7 February 2024 looks at the finest places to travel around the world in 2024, pokes around Chillingham Castle and marvels at Britain's most spectacular waterfalls.

Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find inside.


  • Richard MacKichan rides with the eagle hunters of Mongolia
  • Jo Rodgers asks what makes a good hotel great as we introduce Country Life’s inaugural list of the world’s top establishments
  • All the latest travel news and new openings with Rosie Paterson
  • Nigel Tisdall tails the elusive jaguar in Belize
  • Catherine Fairweather is on the strait and narrow in Istanbul
  • Richard MacKichan puts the fun back into flying
  • Pamela Goodman swims with pigs in the Caribbean

A castle of curiosities

The history of Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is a turbulent and memorable one, peppered with family disputes, imprisonments and a live toad. John Goodall explores

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Windows on the world

The urge to chart our surroundings is centuries old. With map in hand, Matthew Dennison ventures forth in search of mammoth tusks and globes

Irruption of the waxwings

Mark Cocker marvels at the exquisite plumage of this European songbird as it flocks to our shores to feed on a glut of its favoured winter berries

Get down on your knees

James Alexander-Sinclair joins the wandering throng as snow-drop lovers descend on Thenford in Northamptonshire to luxuriate in 900 varieties of Galanthus

Joanna Jensen’s favourite painting

The founder of Childs Farm chooses a rural scene to sum up ‘a picture of my England’

Groundhog day

The shortest month can also feel like the longest, delaying the arrival of spring, but what can February tell us about the year ahead? Lia Leendertz reveals all

Thunderous waterfalls and torrents hoarse

From the most dramatic plumes to the calmest cascades, we seek out the corners of the kingdom where water and gravity collide to magical effect

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell says green for go with a selection of stylish and useful khaki travel accessories


Sally Stephenson on the secrets of illuminating period houses and Amelia Thorpe’s lighting picks

London Life

  • Russell Higham on piazza plans for the Docklands
  • Carla Passino meets the man who shaped Mayfair
  • Martin Fone reveals the saga of ‘London’s Eiffel Tower’

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson harnesses the delicious flavours of rosemary