Country Life 7 July 2021

Country Life 7 July 2021 looks at waves, donkeys and Isle of Wight gardens.

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Here’s a selection of what you’ll find in this week’s issue:

WAVES: The white horses that crash on our coasts shape our shoreline, explains Annemarie Munro.

DONKEYS: Nothing says summer holiday like a donkey ride. Vicky Liddell celebrates a seaside staple.

THE PICKINESS OF GEORGE IV: The extravagant coronation of George IV failed to please even him, reveals Matthew Dennison.

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Country Life 7 July 2021HISTORIC HOUSES: Teresa Levonian-Cole talks to Martha Lytton Cobbold, the president of Historic Houses.

SEASIDE TOWNS: Cheerful, quirky, adaptive: our seaside towns are a particular delight, explains Kathryn Ferry.

BRASS BANDS: Rebecca Oliver finds Britain’s brass bands are still marching.

INTERIORS: On kitchens and lampshades.

EAST CLIFF GARDENS: George Plumptre admires how the gardens of East Cliff on the Isle of Wight link to their setting.

And much more.