Country Life 8 February 2023

Country Life 8 February 2023 looks at the love lives of birds, Spring bulbs and much more.

Love on the wing

Romance is in the air for birds, but how faithful are our feathered friends, asks Stephen Moss

How do I measure up?

Ben Lerwill talks arms, stones and barleycorns as he weighs up the history of measurements

What’s in a puppy’s name?

Taxi for Rover! Jonathan Young argues the case for dogs to be given more imaginative names

Bright-bulb moments

Tilly Ware is spellbound by the dramatic display of spring bulbs at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire

Recommended videos for you

Cut and come again

Charles Quest-Ritson gets the low-down on pollarding, the age-old form of tree management

Kate Corbett-Winder’s favourite painting

The gardener and artist selects a work of abstract spontaneity

This is England

Fiona Reynolds senses spring is on its way on a march to May Hill


George Gissing’s New Grub Street still resonates for writers of today, as Jack Watkins learns

Romans and Reivers

John Martin Robinson charts the Roman past and modern revival of Netherby Hall in Cumbria

Native breeds

Conservation grazing is a boon for the Bagot, finds Kate Green

Let’s stick together

Douglas Chalmers argues that farming and the environment are one and the same thing

Your zest friend

Nothing can match the sweet and sharp magic of the orange, suggests Tom Parker Bowles

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell is on red alert—with a mood-enhancing shade and tone to suit everyone


Giles Kime and Amelia Thorpe are tripping the lights fantastic to find the latest illuminations

Will the real Donatello please stand up?

Susan Jenkins assesses the life and work of the supremely talented yet famously tricky Italian Renaissance sculptor