Country Life 9 June 2021

Country Life 9 June 2021 celebrates the very Best of Britain.

Find out more here about some of the pieces this week:

BEST OF BRITISH: Julie Harding introduces 66 top British businesses, as chosen by the Country Life team.

MASTERPIECES: In the first of a new series, Jack Watkins considers the enduring genius of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: Carla Carlisle reflects on the gifts Britain gave to America.

THE QUEEN’S CHILDHOOD: Filled with love, The Queen’s childhood lacked one thing: privacy, says Matthew Dennison.

Recommended videos for you

ART OF REVIVAL: Jeremy Musson examines the history of the superb collections at Elton Hall.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Tatiana Fokina’s favourite painting.

A VERY BRITISH SAFARI: Why go abroad to see exotic animals? Kate Green suggests wildlife to glimpse at home and products to make it easier.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Simon Jenkins on opening the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

HOLCOMBE COURT: Tiffany Daneff admires the ethos of a garden in Devon.

CRABS: Tom Parker Bowles on the cracking crustaceans.