Country Life August 23 2017

Country Life August 23 2017 reveals how to win at vegetable shows, the red telephone box revival, and surprising stained-glass windows. Find out more:

ARCHITECTURE: In the second of two articles, Roger White highlights the craftsmanship behind the revival of Marchmont in Berwickshire

GARDENS: Nurseryman Alan Bloom’s Norfolk garden is still remarkable, reports George Plumptre

CIGARS: There are ups and downs to the ageing of cigars, confides Bolivar

AGINCOURT: Facing a volley of arrows is not for the faint of heart, says Graeme Fife, as he re-enacts Agincourt

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RED TELEPHONE BOX REVIVAL: Rob Crossan reports on how the distinctly British red phone box is being put to ingenious new uses

STAINED GLASS WINDOWS: Footballs, Ford Fiestas and Sainsbury’s all feature in stained-glass windows, reveals Harry Wallop

FAVOURITE PAINTING: The Director of the National Portrait Gallery is a big fan of Amy Winehouse

INTERIORS: Mary Miers finds craft being celebrated at the Linley Summer School in Wiltshire

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MOTORING: Charles Rangeley-Wilson praises the new Lexus 4×4

TRAVEL: The charms of Bilboa in Spain and the Chablé Resort & Spa in Mexico

REEL LIFE: The Prof and The Doctor go in search of birthday salmon

COOKING: Melanie Johnson gives a fig

ARTS: The new Postal Museum really delivers, says Huon Mallalieu

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: In the return of our classic series, Paula Lester talks to Shropshire-based Rex Key, one of the three remaining clay-pipe makers in Britain

VEGETABLE SHOWS: Size and straightness matter when it comes to displaying your vegetables – and winning – at the annual show, explains Steven Desmond

EDIBLE INSECTS: Fat-bottomed ants, you make the rocking world go round. Ingesting invertebrates might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but, for naturalist John Wright, ants, woodlice and grasshoppers are on the menu

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