Country Life January 11 2017

Country Life January 11 2017 reveals how the crossbred dog is taking over and how to regain control of your garden. Find out more here:

THE CROSSBREED: The crossbreed is no longer an accident and dog owners are going crazy for these new combinations. Emma Hughes sorts the cockapoo from the schnoodle

THE FAIR OF LINCOLN: John Goodall traces the events of a battle that changed the course of English history 800 years ago

THE ART OF FENCING: Armed with an épée, the original duelling weapon, Agnes Stamp enters the world of fencing

DAME FIONA REYNOLDS: In the first of a new monthly series, Dame Fiona Reynolds urges us all to get out for a walk in the countryside

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DAVID DIMBLEBY’S ART COLLECTION: Some of our best regional art galleries are associated with the south coast. David Dimbleby tells Mary Miers why

GARDENING: Is your garden getting the better of you? Steven Desmond describes quick-fix tasks that will make a big difference

SHOOTING: Laura Trevelyan’s ancestor Oliver Winchester created the rifle that tamed the Wild West

INTERIOR DESIGN: Giles Kime wonders if we’ve pulled down too many walls and reveals what’s hot this month

COOKING: Whether in a hearty broth or slowly braised with onions, oxtail is a savoury delight, proclaims Simon Hopkinson

PROPERTY: Penny Churchill surveys Surrey’s exclusive St George’s Hill and Annunciata Walton finds buyers would rather have a signal than a view

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