Country Life July 18 2018

Country Life July 18 2018 recreates Three Men in a Boat, cooks with samphire and looks at the first architectural additions to Westminster Abbey in a quarter of a millennium.

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ARCHITECTURE: John Goodall on the latest architectural additions to Westminster Abbey – the first in quite a while.

RABBITS: John Lewis-Stempel on an invasion in his walled garden.

DRAWING IT THE OLD WAY: Top architects explain why still use pencil and paper ahead of computers.

Recommended videos for you

GARDEN SCULPTURE: David Harber on outdoor art.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Martin Kemp – the art historian, not the actor/musician of Spandau Ballet fame – makes his choice.

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: The costume-prop maker.

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SAMPHIRE: Salty and sea-fresh, Melanie Johnson shares her recipes with this intriguing ingredient.

GARDENS: Non Morris looks at the glory of Benvarden.

TRAVEL: An arty weekend in Florence.

GRASSHOPPERS: David Profumo explains the lives of these fascinating bugs.

INTERIORS: How to zone an open-plan space to make the most of it.

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