Country Life June 12 2019

Our Best of Britain issue looks at our nation's greatest glories, from coastal walks to bakewell tarts.

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THE GREAT ESCAPE: 75 years later, Jeremy Taylor follows Steve McQueen’s wheelmarks.

INVENTIVE BABY NAMES: From Archie to Khaleesi, they’re nothing if not inventive.

TOWER BRIDGE: Happy 125th birthday!

FLYING THE ATLANTIC: Once a feat of bravery, still an incredibly journey says Jonathan Glancey.

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OFFAL: Tom Parker Bowles on the joys of eating everything everything but the squeak.

REGENCY WONDER: Belvoir Castle, part one of two.

THE GARDENS OF GLYNDEBOURNE: Kathryn Bradley-Hole admires this first-class production

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Lord De Mauley chooses Munnings

INTERIORS: From bedrooms to gardens

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