Country Life June 7 2017

Country Life June 7 2017 is our stunning summer number featuring the alternative Season; the joy of the lido; country-house opera; and the art of the great British picnic. Find out more:

ARCHITECTURE: Cobthorne, the striking town-house home of the head of Oundle school in Northamptonshire, has a rich history, finds Clive Aslet

GARDENS: George Plumptre finds out how a field beside the grounds of Woburn Abbey was turned into a garden

BREATHING LIFE INTO CLANDON: As a shortlist of architects is announced, Simon Jenkins argues that this great Surrey house deserves to be lived in again

PICNICS: Gregory Holyoake explores why it is we eat outside better than anyone and Raymond Blanc, Thomasina Miers and Tom Kerridge pack their picnic essentials

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LOVELY LIDOS: Emma Hughes dives in to discover why we still love a lido

ART: Caroline Bugler admires the beauty of Raphael’s drawings

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: The Artistic Director of The Grange Festival. Michael Chance. chooses a Vermeer full of ‘drama and beauty’

THE ALTERNATIVE SEASON: Forget Wimbledon and Ascot—there are delights to be found everywhere. Anna Tyzack offers her recommendations for the alternative Season

COUNTRY-HOUSE OPERA: The summer opera season has never had more to offer, says Flora Watkins

INTERIORS: Furniture maker Simon Burvill talks to Arabella Youens and can you make floor-to-ceiling windows work?

THEATRE: Can theatre cast new light on the issues of the past, asks Michael Billington

COOKING: Melanie Johnson experiments with aubergine, the “poor man’s steak”

PROPERTY: Historic country houses and garden squares in the capital.

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