Country Life March 9 2016

This week in Country Life Magazine we have our smaller country houses issue – which celebrates the charm of the country cottage, as Ptolemy Dean explores the magic of local materials. In addition:

** Catherine Austen asks what makes Cheltenham Festival so memorable

** Charles Quest-Ritson admires the romantic walled and water gardens at Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire

** We talk to the people who gave it all up for the countryside

Recommended videos for you

** In the first of two articles, John Goodall explains the evolution of Haddon Hall: one of Derbyshire’s most celebrated houses

** From a pound of Englishmen to a sneer of butlers, we discuss our favourite collective nouns for people and professions

** Plus Simon Hopkinson makes perfect puddings

** If you miss this issue in the shops you can buy it online here, or download it now to your tablet