Country Life May 24 2017

Country Life May 24 2017 is our wonderful West Country special featuring a year in the life of Exmoor red deer, Hardy’s Dorset, and Cornish pasties plus real tennis and the head of Noël Coward. Find out more here:

ARCHITECTURE: Roger White explores the history of Werrington Park in Cornwall, which once commanded two pocket boroughs

GARDENS: The gardens of Regency House in Devon mix plantsmanship and personality, finds Tim Longville

CORNISH PASTIES: Emma Hughes reveals how dedicated bakers saved the Cornish pasty from dying out

MARKET TOWNS: Matthew Rice enjoys a visit to seafront Bridport in Dorset

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INTERIORS: The secret to creating the perfect dressing room

THOMAS HARDY: Thomas Hardy is synonymous with Dorset, but his polymath friend William Barnes deserves more recognition, believes Jason Goodwin

EXMOOR: Simon Lester charts a year in the life of a treasured red-deer herd

REEL LIFE: David Profumo goes in search of salmon on the Isle of Harris

ANNIVERSARY: Ahead of Country Life’s 120th anniversary special issue next week, Kate Green discovers others celebrating this milestone

REAL TENNIS: Agnes Stamp hits the monarch and enjoys a game of real tennis at Hampton Court Palace

ART: Zeb Soanes is on a quest to find the story behind a bronze bust of Noël Coward

COOKING: Melanie Johnson loves the first fresh peas of the year

PROPERTY: Rural idylls in the West Country

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